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Malik Trading: Exporter of Japanese Vehicles & Parts

Malik Trading was established in 1997 as a sole proprietorship in 1997 and the company was incorporated in 1998 in Japan. We export quality used Japanese cars to many countries of the world including Tanzania, Kenya, Chile, UAE, Zambia, Mozambique, South Africa, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and many other countries.

Our ultimate objective is to help you buy the quality used Japanese and foreign cars you need for yourself. We actually work on your behalf to help you grow your business. We export  hundreds of cars per month. So please check our Stock List given on the web site. We offer competitive prices and great quality services. Please contact us for all your needs in used cars.

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company Profile

Malik Trading Co. Ltd is an exporter of used cars to various parts of the world.

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New Arrivals

We constantly upload data about the cars which we buy on daily basis.

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New Arrival
Auto Parts

Malik Trading also exports used auto parts to various parts of the world.

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auto parts
Online Auctions

The company is currently a member of 11 major auction houses in Japan.

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How to Buy

Please check the detailss of how you can buy used cars from us.

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Special Stock

Please check the special stock we have available for your valuable customers.

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